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Marge Karahuta, Principal Owner

In her long, successful and multiple award-winning career, Marge has experienced just about everything one involved in the real estate industry possibly could. She is a licensed Real Estate professional who has worked directly in the new home building, apartment leasing and management industry sectors, with over 10 years in the rental and leasing of multi-unit dwellings. Her consummate professionalism has been demonstrated in her representation on numerous building association boards of directors.


Susan Smith, Broker of Record

Susan’s expertise spans over 25 years in Real Estate resales, as well as in new residential homes and REO Properties. Her extensive background, keen eye for detail proves to be an asset. Her knowledge of what affects property values–in both the positive and negative senses–benefits clients with the information necessary for educated decision-making.

Keri Levy, Director of Operations

Real Estate Professionals:

Patti Cainzos, Broker/Sales Associate

Jennifer Reilly, Sales Associate

RoseMarie Steffens, Sales Associate